Nov 17, 2009

Diet Book Now on Amazon

MY DIVA DIET: Compact Version -- Sound Nutrition Made Practical is now on only $9.99

MY DIVA DIET brought you one of the most comprehensive diet books on the market today by incorporating a user-friendly interactive WORKBOOK format to ensure women achieve and maintain their goals for a leaner, healthier, and more functional and vibrant body-for life. MY DIVA DIET is back with the "Compact Version", where we have taken all of the core value and nutritional information (with a few minor updates) from the WORKBOOK and condensed it so that you can have the meal plans, recipes, guidelines, and special guides at your fingertips and be on your way to attaining the results you are seeking--RIGHT NOW!

Over twelve years in the making, MY DIVA DIET: A Woman’s Last Diet Book and WORKBOOK implements well‑researched nutritional principles found in many respected, leading diet programs; ones that do not offer quick‑fix solutions that are found in so‑called “fad” diets. By establishing the “Five Factors Affecting Body Fat and Health,” MY DIVA DIET addresses the root causes of why women gain excess body fat and ruin their health. Rather than another quick‑fix solution, MY DIVA DIET is a safe and effective method for achieving permanent weight loss, while improving health.


MY DIVA DIET: A Woman’s Last Diet Book was released in August of 2008 and has received rave reviews...

Included in MY DIVA DIET: Compact Version are five solid sections

  • SECTION ONE – The Introduction
  • SECTION TWO – The Analysis
  • SECTION THREE – The Guidelines
  • SECTION FOUR – The Menu Plan for Fat Loss
  • SECTION FIVE - The Guides -- #5 includes Food Pyramids for both Reduction Maintenance as wells as a "cheat sheet" and four MY DIVA DIET Guides
  1. MY DIVA DIET Food Preparation, Cooking and Meal Planning Guide: 52 Tips
  2. MY DIVA DIET Grocery Shopping Guide Phase One–Diva Reduction
  3. MY DIVA DIET Restaurant Eating Guide: 52 Tips
  4. MY DIVA DIET Society Guide

About the Author
Christine Lakatos, creator of the MY DIVA DIET fat‑loss system and workbook, has been involved in the health and fitness industry since 1980, and has been a personal fitness consultant and trainer since 1989. ACE certified since 1995, she has studied scientific back training, program design, Swiss ball training, rehabilitation training, scientific core conditioning, strength training for women, maternal and infant nutrition, childhood and adolescent nutrition, and weight management for teens, plus much more.

Christine has won titles in many competitions: 1993 Ms. Fitness San Diego, 1990 Ms. Fitness USA—Top 10 finalist, 1990 Steel Rose Championship finalist, and 1989 Ms. San Luis Obispo. She has also made promotional appearances for the health & fitness industry for: Thane Fitness Co., Power Gym, KESQ TV 3 Midday Show, Muscle Mag Video, Joe Weider’s Muscle & Fitness camp (counselor), Parillo Performance, Strong & Shapely, and Ironman magazine. She was also an American Gladiators (1990) contestant.

Now in her forties and the proud mother of two daughters, Christine strives to make sure women and young girls understand that there is no quick‑
fix to fat loss, improving health, and increasing
longevity, and that dieting to lose weight is not
about deprivation. She teaches that the key to fat loss
and vibrant health is accomplished with accurate
knowledge and coupled with accountability,
courage, discipline and motivation.

Get or stay in shape for the Holidays with MY DIVA DIET
Happy Holidays!

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