Jun 23, 2011

Super Fit Kids Animated Series –– The Trailer: Launched on KICKSTARTER to Raise Funds in 30 Days!

the idea

SUPER FIT KIDS: A Cartoon Campaign –– future animated TV series, video game, and more –– is designed to educate and motive our youth, in an entertaining manner, by creating excitement surrounding healthy diet choices and exercise. SUPER FIT KIDS will also promote enthusiasm in the arena of preserving and cleaning up our planet, including green technology and their related products and services.

The SUPER FIT KIDS' goal is to move our country toward "a fit nation and a greener planet." The plan is to use an action adventure, superhero format. The "Fitness Superheroes" –– a Wonder Woman and Laura Croft type leading the way –– along with her SUPER FIT TEAM, who will expose, attack, and defeat the "diet, exercise and eco-villains."

While the SUPER FIT KIDS Animated Series will include the savvy, wit, and occasional humor (all age appropriate of course) of today's animation, and music that appeals to this generation, the educational aspect will be subliminal. Moreover, the focus of each episode will be on a particular "villain" or more –– like Batman vs. the Joker (Batman had many enemies) –– and will conclude with a real message and practical application.

where we're at...

At this point in time, two of the Fitness Superheroes and 18 "diet villains" were designed by My Team and are highlighted on the MY DIVA DIET website, where you will meet the heroine, (the speaking) Super Fit Diva. The cartoon characters can also found in my diet book and other online social networking outlets including YouTube.

Wild Cow Productions and YOUR contribution:

  • The majority of the funds will go into taking this concept to a critical level –– a 3-minute animated trailer to present to TV networks and video game companies. We have an animation house ready to bring this vision to life –– Two Animators, and they ROCK!
  • We will begin character development on the rest of the Fitness Superheroes –– the SUPER FIT TEAM, which will include children from all walks of life and an array of sports and physical activity. We would also like to move forward on our long list of enemies –– the "exercise and eco-villains."
  • We will design an action-adventure website to aggressively launch the SUPER FIT KIDS project and begin our mission –– "to wage war against the dark forces that plague our bodies and destroy our planet!"

Won't you consider being part of the solution? Together, through the entertainment industry (which could use a wholesome boost), we can make a profound and positive impact on our children, our country, and the world!

to pledge, go our KICKSTARTER page!


Dwight said...

Your idea is very nifty, Christine. It's suitable for children and teens who want to practice proper nutrition and fitness. A little polishing on the animation and original storyline, and your series will definitely catch the eye of a larger audience.

Dwight Alvans

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