Jun 23, 2011

Super Fit Kids Animated Series –– The Trailer: Launched on KICKSTARTER to Raise Funds in 30 Days!

the idea

SUPER FIT KIDS: A Cartoon Campaign –– future animated TV series, video game, and more –– is designed to educate and motive our youth, in an entertaining manner, by creating excitement surrounding healthy diet choices and exercise. SUPER FIT KIDS will also promote enthusiasm in the arena of preserving and cleaning up our planet, including green technology and their related products and services.

The SUPER FIT KIDS' goal is to move our country toward "a fit nation and a greener planet." The plan is to use an action adventure, superhero format. The "Fitness Superheroes" –– a Wonder Woman and Laura Croft type leading the way –– along with her SUPER FIT TEAM, who will expose, attack, and defeat the "diet, exercise and eco-villains."

While the SUPER FIT KIDS Animated Series will include the savvy, wit, and occasional humor (all age appropriate of course) of today's animation, and music that appeals to this generation, the educational aspect will be subliminal. Moreover, the focus of each episode will be on a particular "villain" or more –– like Batman vs. the Joker (Batman had many enemies) –– and will conclude with a real message and practical application.

where we're at...

At this point in time, two of the Fitness Superheroes and 18 "diet villains" were designed by My Team and are highlighted on the MY DIVA DIET website, where you will meet the heroine, (the speaking) Super Fit Diva. The cartoon characters can also found in my diet book and other online social networking outlets including YouTube.

Wild Cow Productions and YOUR contribution:

  • The majority of the funds will go into taking this concept to a critical level –– a 3-minute animated trailer to present to TV networks and video game companies. We have an animation house ready to bring this vision to life –– Two Animators, and they ROCK!
  • We will begin character development on the rest of the Fitness Superheroes –– the SUPER FIT TEAM, which will include children from all walks of life and an array of sports and physical activity. We would also like to move forward on our long list of enemies –– the "exercise and eco-villains."
  • We will design an action-adventure website to aggressively launch the SUPER FIT KIDS project and begin our mission –– "to wage war against the dark forces that plague our bodies and destroy our planet!"

Won't you consider being part of the solution? Together, through the entertainment industry (which could use a wholesome boost), we can make a profound and positive impact on our children, our country, and the world!

to pledge, go our KICKSTARTER page!

Apr 3, 2011

World Gym La Quinta, CA: 10-Week Body Shaping Boot Camp

For Women Only...
10-Week Body Shaping Boot Camp

Christine Lakatos ACE Certified Fitness Trainer

Starting Friday, April 15, 2011 through Friday, June 24, 2011.
  • Serious fitness training designed for those who truly want RESULTS!
  • 3 days a week 1 hour workouts –– Mon, Wed, Fri
  • One boot camp in the AM and one in the PM
  • Times to be determined; and slots limited to 5 max.
  • Lose Fat: Gain Health…
  • Prize available for the "biggest (fat and inches) loser."
10-week Body Shaping Boot Camp includes:
  • Complimentary Fitness Evaluation, body fat analysis, measurements, and goal setting
  • Complimentary Diet Workbook
  • Complimentary Diet Quiz with brief personalized Diet Analysis
  • 10 weeks of intense group training.
  • Learn the Six Components to an Effective Exercise Program
  • Program Design included at the end of the 10 weeks for maintenance or to go to the next level.
  • NOTE: A more thorough Personalized Diet Analysis and Meal Plans will be available for an extra fee.
  • Christine also offers personal training packages and more.
For more info, sign up at World Gym La Quinta ( 760-564-9822).

Brief About:
Christine is a first a mom of two terrific daughters. She is an entrepreneur at heart, but is a well respected fitness expert with close to 30 years experience in the fitness industry. She is also author of My Diva Diet: A Woman’s Last Diet Book (sold on Amazon.com and other online venues) and has the sequel "Work it Girl: Work the Fat Off and the Firm On," exercise book in the works, as well as other projects like SUPER FIT KIDS: A Cartoon Campaign. Christine is a retired body builder, fitness competitor (clips can be found at My Diva Diet YouTube) and holds many titles and over the years has appeared on various promotional gigs; including a series on KESQ TV:3 Midday Show back in the 90's.

And Christine was a competitor on American Gladiators in 1990.

A note from me:
As a retired competitor who never starved or took drugs to get to 6% body fat –– now close to 50, I strive to steer people, especially our youth, away from “QUICK-FIX” programs and products. I want them to realize that they don’t have to starve or deprive themselves in order to lose fat. And by the way, it’s not complicated either. I teach that fat loss and optimal health can be achieved the safe, effective and lifelong way –– through a lifestyle of proper diet and exercise.

The My Diva Diet mission is to empower women and young girls so that they can get into great shape, to challenge them to be better women, and to ensure a legacy of good health for the next generation!

E.C.L. Empower –– Challenge –– Legacy

For more info check out my website at www.MyDivaDiet.com, and my blog –– Fitness Flash here and on Blogcritics Magazine.

Mar 5, 2011

My Diva Diet: Product Find by Robert Dave Johnston

My Diva Diet presents a fun and entertaining way by using animated “fitness superheroes” and “diet villains”.

Product Find by Robert Dave Johnston of FitnessThroughFasting.com
August 13, 2010

My Diva Diet is a book that markets itself as a woman’s last diet book. The book is written by Christine Lakatos, a former profession body builder, and Amber Garman.

My Diva Diet presents a fun and entertaining way by using animated “fitness superheroes” and “diet villains”. The fat loss diet book includes “Diva Quotes,” “Paw Guides” and “Special Superhero Designs” (e.g., food pyramids for fat reduction and maintenance) to add fun and clarity to your journey of a better body and healthier, happier life.

It includes a diet quiz, worksheets, practical guides, special quotes tips and charts, as well as tasty, quick weight-loss meal plans and recipes, and much more.

There are two different phases involved in My Diva Diet. The first phase is Diva Reduction and is ten weeks long. The second phase is Diva Maintenance. This is the phase that you complete after you’ve reached your weight loss goals and are ready to transition into a healthy lifestyle.

The My Diva Diet mission is to empower women so that they can get into great shape, to challenge them to be better women, and to ensure a legacy of good health for the next generation! Here are some highlights:

  • Eliminates restrictive and unbalanced dieting practices
  • Includes workbook so you can track your results
  • Factors in allowances for favorite foods
  • Written by fitness experts
  • Promotes a healthy rate of weight loss
  • Presents a fun way of looking at weight loss
  • Promotes a whole-foods diet
  • Doesn’t offer any new or novel information on how to lose weight
  • Target audience is limited to females

My Diva Diet consists of two different diet phases:

The first phase is Diva Reduction and is ten weeks long. The important focus of phase one is portion control. Your calorie target in this phase is between 1,200 and 1,300 calories per day. The breakdown of those calories should include 35% protein, 45% carbs and 20% fat. Fiber is included in every meal and you eat four to five meals per day having one every three to four hours.

The daily calories are divided into four food groups and the book includes recipes to help with this. It is recommended that you drink water all day throughout the day and all kinds of tea and plain coffee are allowed. Milk is to be kept to a minimum and fresh fruit or vegetable juice and meal replacement drinks are watched closely and very carefully selected. Drinks like alcohol, soda, packaged juice and sugary drinks are not allowed during this phase.

You can choose your own foods on phase one or use the recipes that are included. The foods you choose would just need to meet the criteria outlined in the book and listed above.

Phase two of the program is the Diva Maintenance phase. During this phase your daily caloric count is increased to 1,400 to 1,600 calories per day. You are still eating four to five times per day with meals being a little larger at this point. Your breakdown also offers more flexibility with 20-35% protein, 45-65% carbs and 20-30% fat. You get more leeway during phase two and you can also cheat a little more.

Exercise is also a critical part of both phases of My Diva Diet. Adding exercise to a diet program allows you to lose weight faster and you feel the benefits quickly.

It is recommended that you add an efficient and effective exercise program to your eating plan. Some of the important factors to look for when choosing your exercises are makes sure it includes cardiovascular conditioning, strength and endurance training, flexibility training, core and balance training, functional training and corrective exercises.

There are a ton of diets out there and many of them fall into the fad diet category. My Diva Diet actually gives women the steps and guidance they need to lose weight once and for all. The program is solid and doesn’t involve any questionable practices and you’re not encouraged to complete eliminate groups of food. You actually get to eat carbs and protein and fat on this diet.

My Diva Diet offers a sensible and fun way to lose weight.

To learn more, go to www.MyDivaDiet.com

Jan 16, 2011

MY DIVA DIET Review By Best Diet For Me

My Diva Diet: A Woman's Last Diet Book was released in 2008; and has received rave reviews. One of these reviews came from one of "America's most trusted weight-loss authority," who have been in business for 31 years –– BestDietForMe.com.

Here is the review...
My Diva Diet was developed by Christine Lakatos, an ACE Certified Fitness Trainer and former professional bodybuilder. Lakatos' experience in the fitness industry, and especially her one-on-one experience with clients as a fitness trainer led her to develop the program. In her introduction to the program, she also incorporates an explanation of how her health philosophy for the program is rooted in her belief in Judeo-Christian principles. Designed for women, My Diva Diet illustrates the reasons why women gain body fat by using "fitness superheroes," Ms. Diva and her dog, Paw, and a host of evil "diet villains," like "Tranny Granny", "Dr. Pill" "Mrs. Regret", "Vegg", and others, to illustrate who your true diet allies and enemies are. The author uses "Diva Quotes" to emphasize important principles, and food pyramids to provide nutritional guidelines for fat reduction and weight loss maintenance. The cute superheroes add an element of fun and help to motivate you as you work your way through the book.

Based on widely accepted, well-researched nutritional principles found in most of the well-respected, leading diet programs, the book does not offer the quick-fix solutions found in so-called "fad" diets. The emphasis is on attacking the root cause of excess weight and how to solve the problem on a long term basis. Emotional eating issues are given close attention. Lakatos emphasizes the importance of "clean eating" -- eliminating preservatives and artificial ingredients from your diet and instead choosing more natural, organic foods. The program consists of two phases: Phase One-Diva Reduction; and Phase Two-Diva Maintenance.

In My Diva Diet, Lakatos details five reasons why she believes women gain body fat, which she calls "The Five Factors Affecting Body Fat and Health. The book explains how each factor can sabotage your weight loss efforts and specific changes you can make to avoid common diet traps. The book also suggests how positive changes can be implemented into your lifestyle to ensure lifelong success and better health overall.

Factor #1: Liquid Consumption

Factor #2: Quantity and Distribution of Calories

Factor #3: Quality and Purity of Calories

Factor #4: Restrictive and Unbalanced Dieting

Factor #5: Exercise

The book also refers to it's accompanying website, www.MyDivaDiet.com, which provides worksheets, links to product and information sources, and a host of other useful tools.

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