Oct 23, 2008

The My Diva Diet mission is to empower women to get into great shape, challenge them to be better women, and leave a legacy of good health to the next generation!

Considering the obesity epidemic we are facing today and how it seems to be a topic of concern and discussion–from the white house, to the media and around the kitchen table, what is being done about it? Thousands of diet programs and products are pumped out each year–but never presented in a fun and digestible way. My Diva Diet uses "fitness superheroes" (finally a real heroine for the 21st century) and "diet villains" to present its message! Our next stage is to make our characters come alive and produce an animated TV series for children! Who will BENEFIT?

  • Children will be entertained and motivated with a positive message.
  • Parents will enjoy it because there children are being taught about health and fitness–they will learn too.
  • Anyone interested in motivating children and others toward better health and fitness WILL LOVE THIS CARTOON!
STAY TUNED–Ms. Diva and Paw will soon be on YOUR TV–to expose, attack, and defeat the "diet villains" in your life! They will save mankind from their out-of-shape condition, obesity epidemic, and poor health–motivating ALL to get into great physical condition forever!

“Everybody Loves a Superhero!”
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Christine Lakatos
Creator of My Diva Diet

Oct 19, 2008

Have you heard about the newly released diet book JUST FOR WOMEN? MY DIVA DIET is power-packed with a complete, practical and proven fat-loss system that will make sure women lose fat the safe, healthy and life-long way! It was written by an ACE Certified Fitness Trainer and retired bodybuilder/fitness USA (including Ms. San Luis Obispo-1989, Ms. Fitness San Diego-1993, Ms. Fitness USA Finalist-1990, and American Gladiators in 1990). This book presents its message using animated characters–"fitness superheroes" and "diet villains". It is a workbook too! Check it out at http://www.MyDivaDiet.com