Jan 27, 2009


The MY DIVA DIET Mission is to empower women so that they can get into great shape, to challenge them to be better women, and to ensure a legacy of good health for the next generation!

“MY DIVA DIET: A Woman’s Last Diet Book” is a diet book unlike you have ever seen before!
• IT IS FOR WOMEN ONLY – A more precise method of dieting
• IT WORKS–A proven fat-loss system.
• IT’S NOT A QUICK FIX – It is healthy, safe and life-long
• IT’S A WORKBOOK–Comprehensive and practical!
• IT ADDRESSES THE ROOT CAUSES of high body fat and poor health
• IT GIVES ALL THE TOOLS to ensure your fat loss success
• IT USES SUPERHEROES to expose, attack, and help you defeat the true “diet villains”

MY DIVA DIET is power-packed with a complete, practical and proven fat-loss system that improves your health and makes you fit for life. My Diva Diet presents its message using animated "fitness superheroes" and "diet villains" to make it easy to digest and fun to follow!

MY DIVA DIET was created and written by an expert in the field of fitness, is based on sound nutrition, and it truly works. Since the author of MY DIVA DIET is a private fitness trainer who has helped thousands get into great shape, it has a more personal approach to dieting and addresses the obstacles and triumphs of all women on their fat-loss journey. It provides all the tools women need (tools that can be used in every day life) to ensure they attain and maintain their fat loss goals; including
• Workbook format
• Diet quiz
• Worksheets for goal setting
• Special designs, important quotes, guides, tips, and charts
• Tasty and quick fat-reduction meal options and recipes
• Four practical “MY DIVA DIET Guides”
1. Meal Preparation, Cooking, and Meal Planning Guide
2. Grocery Shopping Guide
3. Restaurant Eating Guide
4. Society Guide
• Valuable Information about
o Exercise
o Nutrition
o Foods
o Calories
o Body fat
o Why Restricted and Unbalanced Diets Don’t Work
• And much more!

Christine Lakatos, the creator of MY DIVA DIET, is a mother of two daughters, an ACE Certified Fitness Trainer and has been an athlete since the young age of five. Christine is a retired fitness and bodybuilding competitor including Ms. Fitness USA San Diego 1993, Ms. Fitness USA finalist 1990, Ms. San Luis Obispo 1989, an American Gladiator contestant and more.

During her competition days, Christine competed with a body-fat percentage as low as 6% and now in her late forties maintains between 12 to 14% body fat year round. She finally sat down long enough to share her “secrets to fat loss and great health” in this 426-page book. MY DIVA DIET created by a woman JUST FOR WOMEN (of all ages)–those who want to lose a few pounds or 50+, get healthier, learn more about health and fitness, or experience a major transformation! Whatever your goals are, MY DIVA DIET is the book for YOU!

To learn more about MY DIVA DIET www.MyDivaDiet.com


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