Feb 21, 2009

MY DIVA DIET Grocery Shopping Guide – What should I eat to lose weight and gain health?

MY DIVA DIET: A Woman’s Last Diet Book (Pages 220 to 225 COPYRIGHT 2007)

The most common question I get asked as a fitness expert is: “What should I eat?” My answer is – “Good question! Cleaning up your calories is more important than decreasing them. It is the most important step you should take if you truly want to lose weight and gain health.” As the saying goes, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT and DRINK! This article will address foods only–liquids will require an entire section! Whether you are male or female, the food choices are the same (in quality we eat the same but quantity is where we differ)! And if you are a vegan or vegetarian, just use the tips that apply to you!


Paw Food Guide
• Clean and pure foods—natural, fresh, organic, and kosher
• Lean, healthy, fibrous, and alive foods
• Foods made by God (nature) for human consumption
• Carefully chosen man-made or man-manipulated foods

To be a little more specific, it would be a list like this–condensed version.

Paw “Good Food Choices” Quick Guide
• Fresh-water fish (with fins and scales)
• Organic free-range and grass-fed animal meats (beef, poultry, turkey)
• Kosher meats (only to be eaten once per month)
• Eggs from organic, free-range, vegetarian-fed hens
• Organic low- to no-fat dairy
• Fresh legumes
• Raw and unsalted nuts and seeds
• Plant protein products—clean and pure
• Organic whole grains
• Grain products—sprouted, stone ground (baked, never fried)
• Organic fresh fruits and vegetables
• Fresh and untainted herbs and spices
• Extra-virgin olive oil and other unrefined vegetable oils
• All-natural spreads, sauces, sweeteners, salad dressings, and dips.
• All-natural gluten-free smart diet cheats

MY DIVA DIET has a complete section (over 35 pages) devoted to “Good Food Choices” (with nutritional values).

NOW lets get practical–“MY DIVA DIET Grocery Shopping Guide”!

#1. If possible, try shopping at a natural or health food store. This helps you pick healthy, natural foods. These stores also give you a bigger selection of organic and kosher meats, fresh water fish, eggs from free-range vegetarian fed hens, organic dairy products, fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Great places to shop are Trader Joes (www.traderjoes.com) and Whole Food Markets (www.wholefoodsmarket.com).

#2. Know where your own local health-conscious grocery store is.

“Support your local organic farmer.”

#3. Find your local organic farmer and/or farmers’ market to get your fresh produce.

#4. Shop from the outside aisles in. The outside aisles have all the fresh produce, herbs, meats and fish, as well as dairy and other products that require refrigeration. These are where most of your “good foods” are.

#5. Do not go to the grocery store when you are hungry. This might cause you to break down and buy everything.

“Don’t be fooled by all the products at a health food store. Some are not as safe to eat as real, wholesome, fresh foods are. And you can gain weight from eating too much—even from good foods!”

#6. Make grocery shopping easier by making a list. This enables you to pick what you need instead of items you don’t. It is also more efficient to make a list, thus saving time and money!

#7. Use the MY DIVA DIET grocery shopping tools.
Paw Grocery Shopping Tools
• Diva Reduction Meal Options and Recipes
• Diva Smart Diet Cheat Sheet
• Paw Grocery Cart Check Guide
• Diva Reduction Good Food Choices At-a-Glance
• Diva Reduction Safe Cereal List
• Diva Food Test and Paw Label Guide

#8. Take your own meal and recipe ideas with you.

#9. Plan your meal ideas in advance so that you don’t waste time or food.

#10. Resist the junk-food items!

#11. Make sure you buy your planned cheat items so you won’t cheat on something you shouldn’t.

#12. Skip the deli section unless it is a health food store and you know what is in the pre-made dishes. Exceptions are rotisserie chickens, fresh turkey breast, high-quality deli meats, and some salads.

#13. Always read labels when you are buying any food in a package.

#14. When you check out, do a quick glance at your basket.

#15. Final Tip: For more help on what foods to buy, see our name-brand list in MY DIVA DIET Resources and Recommendations at the end of this book.

If you shouldn’t eat it, don’t buy it!

Paw Grocery Cart Check Guide
 Your grocery cart should be filled with fresh fruit and vegetables.
 While you were in the produce aisle, did you also remember your herbs and spices?
 Did you pick up some water and tea (or coffee)?
 Check for a few lean meats (like skinless chicken breasts and ground turkey).
 If it is a beef night, add some filet mignon to your cart.
 If it is a fish night, select some fresh wild salmon, halibut, or snapper.
 Add a few deli items (like baked chicken and fresh cuts of deli meat).
 Be sure your dairy products are low- or no-fat.
 Include a variety of legumes, nuts, seeds, and some almond or nut butter.
 Choose a few healthy plant protein products (like soy milk and hummus).
 Add a variety of whole grains (like quinoa, rice, buckwheat, and oats).
 Check for a few grain products (like mochi, rice cakes, sprouted corn tortillas, and safe cereals).
 Don’t forget the olive oil and Balsamic vinegar.
 If you buy salad dressing, make sure it’s low- fat, low-sodium, and sugar-free.
 Do you have some Parmesan cheese and other good foods for flavor (like salsa and marinara)?
 You should have very few sauces—but you can add mustard and horseradish.
 Add some honey or agave nectar, a small container of fruit spread, and some applesauce.
 Add a few selections of dried fruit.
 Be sure you have very few canned or frozen foods—maybe some peas, chickpeas, and kidney beans. Or some tuna, corn, olives, and berries.
 Did you grab some smart diet cheats?
 Did you check the dates on packaged foods?
 Did you read the labels on your packaged foods before you dropped them into your cart?

“Always choose natural, fresh, organic, and kosher foods. It may mean you spend a little more money and make more trips to the grocery store, but it also means fewer visits to the doctor’s office.”

AFTER YOU CLEAN UP YOUR CALORIES: You will then need to calculate the amount of calories you should consume each day, your daily nutrient ratio, number of meals per day, meal size (portion control), and meal timing. This is all part of the Five Factors Affecting Body Fat and Health–where MY DIVA DIET addresses the root causes of why we get fat and unhealthy in the first place!

The Five Factors affecting Body Fat and Health
Factor #1: Liquid Consumption
Factor #2: Quantity and Distribution of Calories
Factor #3: Quality and Purity of Calories
Factor #4: Restrictive and Unbalanced Dieting
Factor #5: Exercise

MY DIVA DIET WAY -- The Five Factors Fixed
Factor #1: Monitor liquid consumption.
Consume plenty of water each day and proper amounts of other liquids
Factor #2: Calculate the quantity and distribution of calories.
Eat according to your metabolism, goals, and activity level.
Factor #3: Determine the quality and purity of calories.
Eat pure and wholesome foods.
Factor #4: Eliminate restrictive and unbalanced dieting forever.
Factor #5: Introduce a balanced exercise regimen.

Thanks for listening!



Military Momz said...

I did a no no today. After 9 days of no real Dr. Pepper, I bought a 2 liter and drank a glass full tonight!!!! I just cant stomach the wang aftertaste of the diet drinks and cant fathom drinking water with a meal.

Carla Cunningham said...

I can relate to this article. It is so hard to lose weight, and so many people struggle with their weight problems all the time. It reminds me of my book that has recently been published. The main character of my book is overweight, and also has many issues and struggles with her weight. But in the end she overcomes them, and finally manages to lose the weight that she subconsciously put on to protect herself from being hurt by love, which I think, is something a lot of people out there tend to do without even realizing it. Being overweight is not just about the physical, it's also about what is going on with a person’s psychological issues. The main character also comes to realize the importance of healthy eating and fitness. I am a regular user of Facebook if anyone would like to talk to me about my book.

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