May 17, 2010

The Flex Belt Nutrition Center Reviews MY DIVA DIET

The Flex Belt Nutrition Center: Our resources to help you achieve your fitness and weight-loss goals. Review of MY DIVA DIET: A Woman's Last Diet Book

Review Summary
My Diva Diet is self hailed as a woman’s last diet book. The reason is that it is written and designed by a woman to address the specific needs of the seemingly lifelong weight challenge women face. The book explains that in America, at least, there is an epidemic with lack of self confidence relating to image and weight. A small percentage of women are reportedly unlocking the key inside them that allows them to break through perceived inadequacies, gaining mastery over their fears. Once this is accomplished, life health and fitness can become a priority, according to the author. Eating right, exercise and mental clarity all reportedly contribute significantly to how women can finally be free, lose weight and change their lives forever.

First of all, My Diva Diet is not billed as a diet at all, nor is it designed to be any kind of quick fix. It is written to address numerous reasons why women are overweight and to provide guided remedies that work to change expectations and behaviors. These are skills needed to successfully alter your life and future, ensuring weight loss and equipping you with confidence moving forward. The book includes an interactive workbook section, as well nutrition and meal planning tools. My Diva Diet allows you to evaluate your weight and lean body mass in order to determine percentage of body fat. After this step, the book guides you along the healthy scheduled fat loss, as the book calls it. Total weight loss can range from 10 to 50 pounds with the plan, according to the author. Monitoring calories and other meal components on a daily basis, along with regular exercise, are vital parts of the program. Finally, My Diva Diet is structured in two phases: the first phase of Diva Reduction (losing weight) and the second of Diva Maintenance.

Online reviews of My Diva Diet often mention that the website is fun and functional. Animation introduces the program and the cartoon Diva Host. A number of detail tabs explain different elements of the plan, products available and key players in the company.

At the time of this review, My Diva Diet is available in a number of online and retail stores for about $10.

Final Facts
According to many reports on My Diva Diet, the book is specific about what is necessary to change your lifestyle for good. The best remedy for losing weight and achieving long term success is said to be learning new ways to eat and exercise. As many experts state, there are just no easy fixes to lasting weight reduction. This book and program take this into account and work to provide sound and reliable solutions to weight issues.

Wow, my thanks to those at The Flex Belt!

My Diva Diet comes in two ways:
The 426-page Workbook Format
And the 236-page Compact Version

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