Dec 8, 2010

"World of Diets" Interviews Me!

A while ago, World of Diets interviewed me and recently it has been posted. World of Diets is not only a great place for "terrific interviews" from fitness experts as wells as diet reviews, but also has an array of articles ranging from diet, health, foods, exercise, fitness equipment and so much more...
"Choosing the right diet plan is probably the most important factor in determining whether or not you will lose weight and be able to keep it off for many years to come.

Here on, we provide hundreds of diet reviews, interviews with fitness and fat loss experts and a variety of articles and tips about how to eat right, burn body fat off quickly, and be healthy. Check out a variety of our reviews and posts at"
EXCERPT From my interview with Jonathan:

Question: I’m here today with Christine Lakatos, the author of the popular My Diva Diet. Thanks for taking the time for this interview, Christine. What can you tell us about your background and qualifications in the fitness industry?

Answer: Well, Jonathan, I’ve been in the fitness industry since 1980 when I became an aerobics instructor –– lol, with the leg warmers and all the crazy attire and back when you didn’t have to be certified. I was also an athlete growing up –– a track star mainly, running a 5:40 mile and great at all sports . Then in 1988 –– when I was about 26, I saw a photo of Rachel McClish (later I met her at Gold’s Gym Palm Desert, CA) and that inspired me to compete in bodybuilding. I won my first competition, Ms. San Luis Obispo 1989 (with 6.9% body fat) and placed in a few others. However, due to the fact that in the 90’s women in bodybuilding were getting bigger and were taking steroids I switched to fitness shows and I went on to place in the top-ten Ms. Fitness USA in 1990 and Ms. Fitness San Diego 1995 –– just to name a few. I was also a competitor on American Gladiators in 1990.

It was about that time that I decided to become and ACE Certified Fitness Trainer, training thousands of clients with a very, very high success rate. Ever since, I have continued my education in health and fitness with my main focus on nutrition as well as one of the most well-respected fitness organizations to date –– the C.H.E.K. Institute.

As a woman in my late forties –– almost 50 –– I can say that even though I competed at 5 to 9% body fat, with a frame size of a teenager, I still maintain around 12 to 16% body fat year round and between size 2 and 3. And that is after having children –– two of the most wonderful daughters on the planet!

Question: You refer to My Diva Diet as the last diet book a woman would need. What makes this diet so special?

Answer: First and foremost, My Diva Diet is based on sound nutrition and IT WORKS! It is not like many of the other diet programs that offer quick-fix solutions to a problem that requires a lifestyle change of proper diet and exercise. It is also tailored JUST for women. Since women have different body types, goals, energy requirements, and health and weight-loss concerns than our male counterparts, MY DIVA DIET’S fat-loss diet book provides a precise method for women (of all ages) to reach their health and fitness goals. Also, it is jammed packed with tons of information (in a user friendly format) so that women have all the tools they need to lose fat the safe, healthy and lasting way –– including a diet quiz, complete directions, workbook, special guides, tips and charts, meal options and recipes, restaurant eating guide and grocery shopping tips, and information about foods, reading labels, nutrition, exercise, body fat, calories and more.
Click here to read the entire interview and my thanks to World of Diets and Jonathan!

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