Jan 16, 2011

MY DIVA DIET Review By Best Diet For Me

My Diva Diet: A Woman's Last Diet Book was released in 2008; and has received rave reviews. One of these reviews came from one of "America's most trusted weight-loss authority," who have been in business for 31 years –– BestDietForMe.com.

Here is the review...
My Diva Diet was developed by Christine Lakatos, an ACE Certified Fitness Trainer and former professional bodybuilder. Lakatos' experience in the fitness industry, and especially her one-on-one experience with clients as a fitness trainer led her to develop the program. In her introduction to the program, she also incorporates an explanation of how her health philosophy for the program is rooted in her belief in Judeo-Christian principles. Designed for women, My Diva Diet illustrates the reasons why women gain body fat by using "fitness superheroes," Ms. Diva and her dog, Paw, and a host of evil "diet villains," like "Tranny Granny", "Dr. Pill" "Mrs. Regret", "Vegg", and others, to illustrate who your true diet allies and enemies are. The author uses "Diva Quotes" to emphasize important principles, and food pyramids to provide nutritional guidelines for fat reduction and weight loss maintenance. The cute superheroes add an element of fun and help to motivate you as you work your way through the book.

Based on widely accepted, well-researched nutritional principles found in most of the well-respected, leading diet programs, the book does not offer the quick-fix solutions found in so-called "fad" diets. The emphasis is on attacking the root cause of excess weight and how to solve the problem on a long term basis. Emotional eating issues are given close attention. Lakatos emphasizes the importance of "clean eating" -- eliminating preservatives and artificial ingredients from your diet and instead choosing more natural, organic foods. The program consists of two phases: Phase One-Diva Reduction; and Phase Two-Diva Maintenance.

In My Diva Diet, Lakatos details five reasons why she believes women gain body fat, which she calls "The Five Factors Affecting Body Fat and Health. The book explains how each factor can sabotage your weight loss efforts and specific changes you can make to avoid common diet traps. The book also suggests how positive changes can be implemented into your lifestyle to ensure lifelong success and better health overall.

Factor #1: Liquid Consumption

Factor #2: Quantity and Distribution of Calories

Factor #3: Quality and Purity of Calories

Factor #4: Restrictive and Unbalanced Dieting

Factor #5: Exercise

The book also refers to it's accompanying website, www.MyDivaDiet.com, which provides worksheets, links to product and information sources, and a host of other useful tools.

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Victor said...

Thanks for the review. A diet won't be effective without the help of exercise and Vitamins.

kathleenjames said...

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