Jun 27, 2009

Fat Loss, Vibrant Health, and Longevity - Winning Formula

THE FINAL PART of the Seven-Part Series: Why Do American Women Get Fat? What You Can Do About It, PART SEVEN: The Winning Formula for Fat Loss, Vibrant Health, and Longevity! only on EZINE

Diets are big business and they come in many packages like diet programs, books, videos, products (including creams, gadgets, drugs, supplements, drinks, foods, etc.), and there are the health clubs, clinics, centers, and even surgery. In fact, in 2004 the weight-loss market was worth $46.3 billion and according to a recent study done by Marketdata Enterprises, the estimated value of the U.S. diet market in 2008 was $58.6 billion. That's an increase of $12.3 billion in only four years. With all of this money being spent, are Americans leaner or healthier?

According to JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) Issue: August 27, 2008, "unhealthy diet and physical inactivity are second only to tobacco as underlying causes of death."

John LaRosa of Marketdata, one of the leading researchers of the diet industry, recently informed me "the number of U.S. dieters is estimated at 72 million. Sixty-six percent of the American population is overweight or obese (both combined -- total 151 million adults). The share that's obese (BMI 30+) is 31% (71 million)." Childhood obesity in the U.S. is growing at an alarming rate, with one out of three kids now considered overweight or obese. Statistics on eating disorders are just as alarming when it is estimated that 5-10% of American teenage girls and women (i.e., 5-10 million) and one million boys and men are struggling with eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, or borderline conditions. At least 50,000 individuals will die as a direct result of their eating disorder.

At any given time two-thirds of all American adults are on a diet. Of those, 29 percent are men and 44 percent are women. Yet, only five percent of dieters will keep the weight off. In fact, most will actually regain their lost weight, plus more. With all the money being spent on diets and diet products, Americans aren't losing weight. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, overweight and obesity has reached epidemic levels. One of the main reasons dieters fail at their "get fit" attempts and remain a statistic is because they choose "fad diets" as opposed to a balanced, healthy diet. In fact the weight-loss industry makes its billions because "millions succumb to 'quick-fix' claims, seeking a (non-existent) effortless weight-loss method."

There is no quick fix to fat loss, optimal health, and longevity! No sensible diet will ever compromise your physical or mental health for the sake of looking good. In fact, you don't have to starve, deprive yourself, settle for fake food, lose your sanity and health, or take pills to lose weight and get into great shape! I know that getting and staying healthy and fit involves a lifestyle of the "proper diet and exercise regimen". According the Web MD --"proven weight-management strategies include a balanced diet with reduced calories with a regular exercise regimen".

Prevention is best when it comes to being healthy and fit, however, if you've never been taught proper eating habits, you want to lose a few pounds, you've become overweight, obese, or find yourself facing health issues, you may need to seek out a diet program.

First and foremost, we should quit searching out diet programs and products that offer quick-fix solutions and are basically gimmicks full of false promises, magic potions, and misleading propaganda. Then we should start to tackle the root causes of why we are overweight and not at our full potential for optimal health.

If you want a lean, fit, healthy and more functional body, while improving your chances of a longer, happier life, you will need to change your thinking or behavior-or both! The winning formula for fat loss, vibrant health, and longevity can be found in five very powerful words; knowledge, accountability, courage, discipline, and motivation.

#1 -- Increase Knowledge (general awareness or possession of information, facts, ideas, truths, or principles)

Knowledge is power; however, make sure you have accurate knowledge when it comes to health and fitness. If you don't, you may find yourself choosing one of the thousands of "fad diets" (quick-fix solutions) that only lead to failure and down the path of yo-yo dieting, leaving you fatter and unhealthier then you were when you started and may even drive you crazy!

#2 -- Become Accountable (responsible to somebody else or to others, or responsible for something)

Do a reality check on your current health and fitness condition by getting a physical examination. Make sure you get your body fat tested (and note measurements) because this is the only way you will know your body composition (lean body mass vs. fat pounds). Frequent body fat tests are necessary so that you will be able to track your progress to know if you are losing fat and not just weight. You may also consider evaluating your level of flexibility, strength and endurance.

Don't despair when you see your current health and fitness condition. Think of this as your map, showing you were you are, where you need (want) to go and how long it will take to get there. This map will help you set realistic goals and an appropriate plan that will enable you to accomplish your goals in a timely manner.

Stop "blaming shifting" (and making excuses) and take personal responsibility for your current health and fitness condition. This is a major step towards change! In fact, 70% of chronic diseases come from a poor diet and lack of exercise. Admit to your part and move on to a better you!
Consider a "get fit" buddy that will diet and workout along side you. This will help with motivation and on-going accountability.

#3 -- Find Courage (the ability to face danger, difficulty, uncertainty, or pain without being overcome by fear or being deflected from a chosen course of action)

Wage war against obesity-a battle worth the fight! This type of battle demands backbone-strength of character and determination. Getting and staying fit and healthy requires a long-term commitment where you may have to endure uncomfortable stretches (especially in the beginning). So dig in and you will win!

#4 -- Implement Discipline (mental self-control used in directing or changing behavior, learning something, or training for something)

Discipline is usually the toughest part for most who start and stay on a proper diet and exercise program, but without it failure is inevitable. However, it doesn't have to be an all or nothing situation, even small steps of discipline will improve your body and move you toward ultimate health and fitness levels.

Make mini goals (along with small rewards) and even scheduled "cheat days" as you go down your "get fit" journey, this will ensure a positive attitude that will keep you on the road to success.

Don't be too hard on yourself if you stray from your diet or exercise program. When you fall, get up and start again. Remind yourself that nobody is perfect and continue toward your goal of the body you've always dreamed of.

#5 -- Stay Motivated (having enough interest or incentive to do something) Keep in mind getting (and staying) fit and healthy is a lifestyle and you will need to enjoy the process as well as the end results. Motivation is essential to endure your new lifestyle of the proper diet and exercise program, so find ways to keep your incentive going.

We are all motivated in different ways when it comes to getting and staying fit. Some are motivated by vanity, some are forced into a healthy lifestyle due to major health issues, while others really enjoy the process and the final goal of a healthy, fit, vibrant, and more functional body. Whatever motivates you, use it to your advantage and you will be victorious!

On a final note: know that we all face the same battle and nobody is immune to the challenges surrounding fat loss, vibrant health, and longevity. Getting fit and healthy is hard work, but possible (even likely) if you are willing! At the end of the day, it is all up to you!


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