Jul 26, 2009

Diet Book Review: By Alie James, Writer for Blog Critics

Book Review: My Diva Diet by Christine Lakatos
When a diet book delivers, its worth its weight in gold. Christine Lakatos delivers, so we can safely shed those unwanted pounds!
Review in Books — by Alie James — on Mar 02, 2009

There is a place for "thinking outside the box," especially when writing a diet book and trying to stand out from the thousands of competitive diet books available to the hungry market of “tired-of-dieting dieters.” Christine Lakatos wrote My Diva Diet, and is such a thinker. She wants to get our attention, and she does so by using Diet Villains and Superheroes throughout her book. We have Ms. Diva, who highlights for us some very useful tips, and it's her presence throughout the book that ties everything together. Her sidekick, Paws, makes a presence as well, and summarizes the howto information for us.

Whether you like gimmicks or not, the purpose of any book is twofold - first, to get the attention of its readers, and second, to deliver an effective message. Lakatos got my attention, and delivered a very helpful Diet book. I liked it and will use it; I especially find the recipes in her books unique and enticing.

The book cover promises, “A Woman’s Last Diet Book.” I suggest that it become one of your most valued resources on dieting, rather than your last diet book. This is because I know that all of us, who are "tired-of-dieting dieters, need a quick fix and are always looking for something “newer, quicker, and faster.” However, this book is quite thorough and packed with a complete and proven fat loss "system." The reason I put quotes around the word, system, is because that is the key to this book. Anytime there is a system we can easily learn and follow, we have a much greater chance of success.

I am confident that you will enjoy and use the information in My Diva Diet. If you really want hope, be sure to take a look at the author’s bio. Christine Lakatos has over 25 years experience in helping people lose fat and improve health, and she is a beautiful, very fit, practice-what-you-preach woman. She has the credibility we want to see in an author of a Diet book.

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