Jul 13, 2009

Fast Food Dangers!

The topic of fast food is always a consideration in any diet program. Fast food places are all over, however, some are much better than others, even if they offer no-fat and “so-called” healthier menu items.

"Do yourself and your family a
big favor. Do your own research on fast food items and be extremely selective when you decide which drive-through to visit and which item to order."

Twelve Problems with fast food:

Ask these questions:
  1. Where does the meat come from? And is it really meat?
  2. How was the animal (meat) raised, slaughtered, and processed?
  3. What is really in the food? Is it real?
  4. Is it fresh? Or is it frozen, canned, dehydrated, or freeze-dried?
  5. How many additives and preservatives like sugar, fat, salt, and white flour (and their derivatives) do they use?
  6. How many chemicals are used?
  7. How many flavor enhancers are in the food. And what do they use to enhance flavor and appeal?
  8. How many fake and cooked fats like hydrogenated oils are used.
  9. Is there any nutritional value?
  10. Where is the fiber?
  11. How many calories are you about to eat?
  12. What are the conditions and practices of the fast food chain?

“Poor quality meat (meat derived from animal cruelty and unsafe methods of processing) and other standard food items are just found not in fast food places—they are also in many of the restaurants at which we frequently dine at.”

Twenty Shocking Facts About F
ast Food
Did you know?
  1. One Burger King Whopper has 628 calories! That’s just about half of your daily calories.
  2. One Carl’s Jr. Western Bacon Cheeseburger has 1570 milligrams of sodium. That’s almost all the sodium you need in a day.
  3. The Breakfast Jack, served at Jack in the Box, has 220 grams of cholesterol.
  4. There are 1,010 calories and 2580 milligrams of sodium in the 6 Piece Garlic Parmesan Twists served at Round Table Pizza.
  5. The Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger from Jack in the Box has 77 grams of fat!
  6. One medium chocolate shake from Dairy Queen has 133 grams of carbohydrates. That’s almost all the carbohydrates you need in a day—and they are bad carbohydrates!
  7. At Wendy’s, the Big Bacon Classic Burger has 260 calories coming from fat!
  8. The Chicken Pot Pie from KFC has 40 grams of fat, and 770 calories!
  9. The McDonald’s Deluxe Breakfast has a shocking 1190 calories!
  10. A Strawberry Slush at Sonic has 185 grams of sugar!
  11. A Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese at McDonald’s has 20 grams of saturated fat!
  12. At Carl’s Jr., the Catch Fish sandwich has 3927 milligrams of sodium!
  13. The Pancakes with bacon served at Whataburger has 118 grams of carbohydrates.
  14. The Double Whopper with cheese at Burger King has 185 milligrams of cholesterol.
  15. Hardee’s 2/3 lb. Bacon Cheese Thickburger has 96 grams of fat!
  16. The Double Chili Burger at Carl’s Jr. has 962 calories!
  17. There are 20 grams of sugar in the Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger served at Carl’s Jr.
  18. The Super Sonic No. 1 at Sonic has 596 calories from fat.
  19. At Wendy’s, the Chicken BLT Salad with toppings has 19 grams of fat.
  20. A basket of 21 Crunchy Shrimp pieces at Long John Silver’s has 105 milligrams of cholesterol.
“If you are not up-to-date on the damage fast food can do to your figure and your health; the threat it poses to our children; and the horrific things it does to animals, our food, the environment; and the danger it places on the people that work in the fast food industry, try watching Eric Schlosser’s “Fast Food Nation” DVD and read the book too ("Fast Food Nation" Book) and Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me.” If you are serious about losing weight and being healthy, FAST FOOD should be avoided, but since they are a big part of the American diet, here are 5 tips to help you.

Paw Fast Food Five Guide
5 tips:
  1. Avoid fast food.
  2. Use fast food only as an “I haven’t eaten all day”solution.
  3. Choose the healthiest menu items.
  4. Don’t super-size – eat small portions or share.
  5. Your best bet: Go to your local health food store and choose lean dishes from the deli or find a place to get a healthy protein shake or smoothie (these are fast meals but much healthier)!
MY DIVA DIET: A Woman's Last Diet Book does have a complete section on BETTER choices for FAST FOOD, however, real food is BEST!


i like said...

I would say avoid it all costs! Its almost NEVER good for you. If you really have to eat on the run, better to grab some fruit and a handful of nuts from the market. :)


You are so right and love the idea of fruit and nuts from the market, as long as the nuts are not full salt, sugar and other stuff!