Aug 25, 2009

Google: Page 1 Number 1 for MY DIVA DIET: Diet Book

WE MADE IT... on page ONE and even the #1 spot on google search since July of 2009!

After the release and one year of marketing
MY DIVA DIET: A Woman's Last Diet, without leaving my home....our website (designed by Brian Anderson) made it on page #1, #1 spot of google for the keywords "diet book"! Results 1 - 10 of about 32,700,000 for diet book.

We are also on page one of google for "fat loss diet books", "women's diet book", and many other key words!

It was a year ago when MY TEAM and I completed
MY DIVA DIET: A Woman's Last Diet Book. Amber, Brian, Scott, Sean, Michelle and Dan! Wow, what an ordeal–if I had knew writing a book was so difficult, I may not have done it. However, I am VERY proud of our book that helps women lose weight while maintaining or gaining their health.

MY DIVA DIET first review was by Margaret of Midwest Book Review....
Still another diet book? Well "My Diva Diet: A Women's Last Diet Book " is a diet book unlike you have ever seen before! Author and Certified Fitness Trainer Christine Lakatos, with the assistance of contributing author Amber Garman, along with help a team of folks that includes Brian Anderson, Scott Martin, Angelica Lakatos, Nicole Stuiber, Michelle Ahearn, Dan Port, Sean Troeger, and H. David Segal, M.D., bring to women a ground-breaking diet plan specifically designed to promote health, nutrition, weight loss, and a healthy lifestyle. This user-friendly, interactive instruction guide offers a workbook format providing quizzes, checklists, recipes, advice and tips -- but most importantly a plan designed for women of all ages for successfully losing and keeping off unwanted weight. In this quirky fun style with animated "fitness superheroes" and "diet villains" readers will be motivated and entertained while learning to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Readers will also find a wealth of knowledge and resources to achieve their desired goal and can checkout for information of follow up products due for release. "My Diva Diet" is confidently recommended for women of all ages and circumstances seeking to improve their physical health and well-being through diet and exercise.

We have since had many other reviews, endorsements by fitness experts and doctors, as well as comments about the book! Check it!

Our hope is to complete the next one to compliment the diet, MY DIVA DIET "Lets Train", a complete exercise guide for women of all ages and levels of fitness to get fit fit forever!

Our mission: "To empower women so that they can get into great shape, to challenge them to be better women, and to ensure a legacy of good health for the next generation!" E.C.L. Empower–Challenge–Legacy

Our legacy message is to help children so we have a dream of a possible video game and/or animated series for children to educate and motivate, while entertaining them, toward a healthy and fit lifestyle. Something WE all need!

Our commitment: To help you lose weight the safe, healthy, fastest and lifelong way!

MY DIVA DIET: A Woman's Last Diet Book
Barnes &

Google Us–hopefully we will be on page #1 for a long time, bringing you more products to ensure your fat loss, get healthy, success!


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