Sep 25, 2010

My Diva Diet: What the Experts are Saying!

Back in 2008 after we released My Diva Diet: A Woman's Last Diet Book and Workbook, we have had the honor of experts reviewing our book. Even though we have a complete "EXPERT REVIEW" Section on our website, I wanted to share some of the highlights:

Tammy and Lyssie Lakatos The Nutrition Twins

My Diva Diet is jammed packed with so much wonderful information. It actually answers any nutrition / diet question you've ever had (and even those you never knew you had!). I loved all the fun tips, recipes, and the Diva Diet Quiz to help guide you in your own personal goals. I love that this works for each person's very own needs and there is even terrific advice for dining out and losing weight--something everyone needs!

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to lose weight, get healthy or who just wants sound nutritional advice--you will find all the answers to your questions here! You won't be disappointed--My Diva Diet is awesome!!!

Ingo Logé Motivational Speaker, Author, Ocean Lover and Nutritional Life Coach

This is a great book about diet, supplements, portions, what are good foods to eat and why, exercise and general health. This very real “how to do it guide book and field manual” Is the last book you’ll ever need girls. If you want to make changes to your life but aren't sure where to start out, this is definitely the book for you. If you want a solid explanation why you should change, followed up with research, this book is for you. Christina has taken information about diet, exercise, foods, ineffective habits, and mental and physical health from many different sources, including her own personal experiences, and compiled it into this book. The book is easy to read and is also an excellent starting point for anyone interested in improving his or her quality of life.

I personally enjoyed the book and have recommended it to many of my female friends and clients. This book as something for everyone, especially the person looking for a starting point. If you are serious about making life style changes and want a solid explanation as to why you should or shouldn't change something in your life; get this book. The book is easy to read, but application of the topics will take time. Don't expect a magic band-aid. After all, this book it about life style changes and that takes time.

Dr. Johnnie Ham, MD, OBGYN

My Diva Diet has finally arrived! This is THE book for anyone truly interested in a healthy lifestyle and is looking for the tools to make it happen. Christine is sharing her secrets here, in a simple, easy-to-read, and just-plain-fun workbook, that if you follow, will be guaranteed to produce results. As an OBGYN, I am often asked about diet and exercise, and how to sort thru the plethora of diet-fad books and systems. This is the book that finally I am recommending to my patients, because she has been able to address physiology, nutrition, and lifelong habits that will work for every woman. And men, these secrets apply to us as well!! If you really want to impact your health, and the kind of future you want for yourself, this book is a must-read!

Dr. Harold D. Segal, M.D.Dr. Harold D. Segal, M.D.

The key to a healthy spine is good nutrition and exercise. MyDiva Diet presents an intelligent and easy way to lose weight and get your health back. I have found that many of spinal problems have their origin in poor posture, poor eating habits, and lack of proper body mechanics. My Diva Diet addresses these issues in a cogent and reasonable fashion. This book is in my waiting room and I highly recommend it to my patients and anyone interested in good health and fitness.


Midwest Book Review
November 2008

Still another diet book? Well "My Diva Diet: A Women's Last Diet Book " is a diet book unlike you have ever seen before! Author and Certified Fitness Trainer Christine Lakatos, with the assistance of contributing author Amber Garman, along with help a team of folks that includes Brian Anderson, Scott Martin, Angelica Lakatos, Nicole Stuiber, Michelle Ahearn, Dan Port, Sean Troeger, and H. David Segal, M.D., bring to women a ground-breaking diet plan specifically designed to promote health, nutrition, weight loss, and a healthy lifestyle. This user-friendly, interactive instruction guide offers a workbook format providing quizzes, checklists, recipes, advice and tips -- but most importantly a plan designed for women of all ages for successfully losing and keeping off unwanted weight.

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Best Diet For Me
November 2008

My Diva Diet was developed by Christine Lakatos, an ACE Certified Fitness Trainer and former professional bodybuilder. Lakatos' experience in the fitness industry, and especially her one-on-one experience with clients as a fitness trainer led her to develop the program. In her introduction to the program, she also incorporates an explanation of how her health philosophy for the program is rooted in her belief in Judeo-Christian principles. Designed for women, My Diva Diet illustrates the reasons why women gain body fat by using "fitness superheroes," Super Fit Diva and her dog, Paw, and a host of evil "diet villains," like "Tranny Granny", "Dr. Pill" "Mrs. Regret", "Vegg", and others, to illustrate who your true diet allies and enemies are. The author uses "Diva Quotes" to emphasize important principles, and food pyramids to provide nutritional guidelines for fat reduction and weight loss maintenance. The cute superheroes add an element of fun and help to motivate you as you work your way through the book.

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Health Bolt Book Review @
March 2009 By Liz Lewis

There’s no getting around it - diet really is a four letter word. It’s a word that frequently conjours up feelings of frustration, impatience, disappointment, sadness, and even failure.

Which is probably why Christine Lakatos describes her book My Diva Diet as "A Woman’s Last Diet Book". It’s a turn of phrase that’s guaranteed to attract those who are looking for an answer to all their dieting woes.

And it’s very likely it might just do just that. A 413 page workbook, resource, and motivational guide, My Diva Diet got my attention from the get go with it’s innovative characters. There’s Ms Diva who highlights all useful tips and her sidekick Paws, who summarizes the how-to information. Superheroes and Diet Villains also make an appearance to emphasize who the true diet allies and enemies are. If you‘re starting to think this is all sounding juvenile and too TV cartoon-ish, trust me it‘s not. There is so much information packed into this book, that it could easily become the only diet book I’ll ever need.

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Book Review: My Diva Diet
Blogcritics Magazine
March 2009 by Allie James

There is a place for "thinking outside the box," especially when writing a diet book and trying to stand out from the thousands of competitive diet books available to the hungry market of "tired-of-dieting dieters." Christine Lakatos wrote My Diva Diet, and is such a thinker. She wants to get our attention, and she does so by using Diet Villains and Superheroes throughout her book. We have Super Fit Diva, who highlights for us some very useful tips, and it's her presence throughout the book that ties everything together. Her sidekick, Paws, makes a presence as well, and summarizes the howto information for us.

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Book Review: My Diva Diet: A Woman's Last Diet Book by Christine Lakatos Blogcritics Magazine
April 2009 by Lynda Lippin

Some readers of a certain age may remember body builder and author Christine Lakatos from the 1989 season of TV's American Gladiators. Now an author and personal trainer, Lakatos has produced an informative weight loss guide for women.

My Diva Diet tries to grab the reader's attention from the cover, which resembles a bright pink comic book with the Dieting Superhero Ms. Diva in the center (yes, she even has a sidekick lioness, Paw) and lots of bright headlines ("Expose & Defeat Your Diet Villains," "Lose Fat, Gain Health," and "Not a quick fix..."). The book is written in a cute, female-oriented voice and is a workbook with tons of quizzes, checklists, and graphics. At base, the program consists of a food program and exercise program for a weight loss phase and a maintenance phase.

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Diet Blog...Eat Right. Get Healthy.
Book Review: My Diva Diet
July 2009 by Mike Howard

I don't know if I'm the best person to review a book that is "for Women only" although in reality, the fairer sex is the prime target for marketing of diet books/products.

Henceforth, I have toted this rather large pink-coloured book around with a certain degree of inconspicuousness - determined to unravel the secrets of "a women's last diet book".

Author Christine Lakatos takes the reader through a comprehensive plan to help us women achieve the health and body they want. And, when I say "comprehensive", I'm not spouting hyperbole. This book is enormous and chock full of guides, charts, worksheets, quizzes, recipes, and the like.

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Diet Choices

My Diva Diet Review July 2009

My Diva Diet is a very healthy diet for women designed by a former bodybuilder.


Christine Lakatos' My Diva Diet: A Woman's Last Diet Book is a diet book from an ACE Certified Fitness Trainer who is also a retired body builder. Lakatos has won several titles including Ms. Fitness San Diego 1993. This diet is designed just for woman and focuses exclusively on their needs. For those looking for a little "hand holding" on their diet, the My Diva Diet might be a good diet to choose. The diet is designed to be executed in two phases with the first phase being a ten week plan, and the second phase being one that transitions dieters to a healthy lifestyle. The plan calls for dieters to consume 1,200 to 1,300 calories per day during phase one of the diet. These calories should be 35% protein, followed by 45% fiber and 20% fat respectively. Fiber is to be consumed at every meal, and dieters should consume between four and five meals a day.

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Weight Loss Institute
My Diva Diet Review by Susan Brown
November 2009

Searching for the right type of diet might be a hard thing to do for us, women. Mostly nowadays, when there are hundreds of diet pills, fat burners, appetite suppressants and diet plans all over the internet and deciding which one worth trying out is even harder than the whole weight loss procedure. Getting the needed help would be necessary, finding a site; a helping hand which can really help us would be useful. might give you the needed help and even more, all this in the best, lightest atmosphere, the site is giving us.

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December 2009

Lakatos presents a lot of useful dietary information in a format that will be easy for most readers to absorb. Her program involves a clear system that is based on solid principles and is likely to produce successful results for most dieters.
# Pros Based on up to date scientific principles.
# Specifically meets the needs and goals of women.
# Focus is on a long-term solution rather than a quick fix approach.
# Illustrated format can help to maintain attention and highlight important points.
# Flexible approach with seven different ways to use the program.

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The Flex Belt Nutrition Center
My Diva Diet Review Summary
May 2010

My Diva Diet is self hailed as a woman’s last diet book. The reason is that it is written and designed by a woman to address the specific needs of the seemingly lifelong weight challenge women face. The book explains that in America, at least, there is an epidemic with lack of self confidence relating to image and weight. A small percentage of women are reportedly unlocking the key inside them that allows them to break through perceived inadequacies, gaining mastery over their fears. Once this is accomplished, life health and fitness can become a priority, according to the author. Eating right, exercise and mental clarity all reportedly contribute significantly to how women can finally be free, lose weight and change their lives forever.

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Diets In Review
August 2010

My Diva Diet
A women-only diet plan that leads to success.

My Diva Diet is a book that markets itself as a woman’s last diet book. The book is written by Christine Lakatos, a former profession body builder, and Amber Garman.

My Diva Diet presents a fun and entertaining way by using animated “fitness superheroes” and “diet villains”. The fat loss diet book includes “Diva Quotes,” “Paw Guides” and “Special Superhero Designs” (e.g., food pyramids for fat reduction and maintenance) to add fun and clarity to your journey of a better body and healthier, happier life.

It includes a diet quiz, worksheets, practical guides, special quotes tips and charts, as well as tasty, quick weight-loss meal plans and recipes, and much more.

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World of Diets
My Diva Diet Review
August 2010

The My Diva Diet creates a lot of anticipation. A diet book written by a retired body builder with several prestigious titles including Ms Fitness San Diego 1993 is going to deliver a mighty punch! Has author Christine Lakatos lived up to her promise of delivering a ‘Woman’s Last Diet Book’? Read on to find out.

Lakatos’ book builds on what she has learnt training female clients for fitness and weight loss. In the beginning of the book, she explains her simple philosophy for the diet program. According to her, women take their fitness and weight loss cues from the wrong people. This prevents them from attaining their weight loss goals. She illustrates using characters like ‘fitness superheroes’, ‘diet villains’ and so on. All along, the author provides effective ‘Diva quotes’ to drive home important principles and nutritional guidelines.

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The Kosmix Community
Article about My Diva Diet
September 2010 by Michael

My Diva Diet: A Woman's Last Diet Book is a weight-loss book authored by Christine Lakatos and Amber Garman. The book was released in 2008 by Publisher Services. Christine Lakatos has been in the fitness industry for over 29 years. She is a former Miss San Diego, Miss Fitness USA, and even a competitor in the American Gladiators television show.

Although My Diva Diet is written specifically for women of all ages, younger readers will probably enjoy the book the most. The book is filled with positive advice and entertaining activities. This is where the book shines: the authors know how to communicate their positive message of healthy nutrition to female readers.

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These are excerpts from our Expert Review page. And, make sure to check out for our Real Life Diva Testimonials and to learn more about the destructive diet villains and much, much more.

Lastly, don't forget in November 2009, we released the My Diva Diet: Compact Version –– Sound Nutrition Made Practical and we are working on the exercise book –– Work It, Girl: Work the Fat Off and the Firm On! Plus, someday Super Fit Kids will be released as an animated TV series and video to educate, entertain and engage our children toward health and wellness!


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